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Flexible HDPE

ditch lining system

A Smarter Way To Manage Water

For New Installations or Rehabilitation

SmartDitch® is a leak-free channel lining system engineered to control and direct the flow of water or critical fluids.

Product Selection

Versatile Channel Lining Solutions

SmartDitch Trapezoidal Ditch Liner
SmartDitch Semi-Circular Ditch Liner
The SmartDitch MegaDitch System

It’s About Putting Water Where It Is Needed Most

Normal arid and dry climates, unpredictable droughts, declining ground and surface water supplies combined with growing populations and increasing water demands makes the job of ‘managing water’ in many U.S. regions extremely challenging. Water resource management is about:

  • Containing every drop of water that is received
  • Channeling water with minimal evaporation and leakage
  • Capturing and redirecting water from drains and wasteways

In other words, it is about putting the water where it is needed most so our farmlands,
municipalities, and communities — dependent on irrigation — can flourish.

The Most Versatile Channel Lining Solution for Water Flow Control

The versatility of SmartDitch makes it the best solution for many applications. The multiple sizes and fittings make designing for even the most complex situation cost effective and easy. In addition to controlling stormwater run off, the SmartDitch system is often specified to form defined ditches to control erosion and catch loose sediment. SmartDitch is also used for both permanent and temporary applications, and in-ground, as well as above-ground, temporary flow diversions.