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Agriculture/ Irrigation

Allows More Water to Reach the End of the Line


Improve your water conveyance in Agriculture and Irrigation applications

SmartDitch is proven to improve the amount and speed of water flowing from reservoirs to points along irrigated ditches in rural farming areas. Traditional earthen and concrete lined irrigation ditches are not nearly as efficient as SmartDitch’s low leak, HDPE ribbed channel design. When you reline your old ditches with SmartDitch you can expect a minimum of 60% improvement in water retention along the way. That means more water for everyone at the end of the day.


Improve Water Retention

Agriculture is dependent on irrigation, especially in areas that have more droughts or irregular precipitation. Irrigation is utilized by farmers to keep crop quality and growth high. One of the major ways that this is achieved is though water retention which is the amount of water that is held by soil in the root zones. The best way to do this is with a high quality ditch that is aligned properly and SmartDitch is the perfect solution.