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Department of transportation

Highway Runoff Management


Quickly Removing Runoff Issues

Highway overpasses present a perpetual stormwater runoff problem for DOTs across the nation. Steep slopes typically mean flow control and erosion issues are not far behind. Concrete lined ditches can actually increas velocity and riprap tends to scour over time, creating maintenance issues. This often results in floooded underpasses, collpased slopes and undermining of the roadways.

SmartDitch is designed to not only control the flow of water, but prevent erosion as well. With as little as 100 feet installed, in a matter of a couple of days, your runoff problems will be eliminated.


Protect Roadways and Prevent Flooding

Properly aligned runoff systems allow for rainwater to flow off the roads and reduce risks of flooding and erosion damage. Because of it’s modular and lightweight design, SmartDitch can quickly solve these types of problems.