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Erosion Control

Minimize Your Maintenance Costs

Erosion Control

SmartDitch Provides Optimum Erosion Control

Gone are the days when you have to constantly to replace the rip rap in your failed drainage channels. No more scouring. No more cratered slopes. No more undermining of roads. The SmartDitch System is a better solution. It prevents erosion, it handles exceptional flow rates, and it stabilizes your slopes. Even better, it lasts significantly longer than traditional drainage and erosion control systems.


Stop Erosion Before It Starts

Erosion occurs naturally and where there is water flowing, it will slowly remove bits and pieces of everything in it’s path. Over time this will create rifts between the ground that can cause cracks, holes, and flooding. Mitigation of erosion with a SmartDitch® solution will prevent this from becoming a problem.


SmartDitch can be used to form defined ditches that can control erosion, catch sediment, and provide superior drainage. Storm water runoff channels help prevent erosion, reduce the risks of structural instability and provide critical drainage for roadways. SmartDitch meets all of these challenges.

High flows in drainage ditches can deteriorate the side walls and flow lines. SmartDitch’s rugged HDPE construction resists the hydraulic forces of the flow and provides a stable channel that will provide years of maintenance free service.

As a slope or terrace drain, SmartDitch can be used to reduce erosion and be designed as a collector and outlet for the drainage system. SmartDitch’s lightweight design makes it the perfect product to install on these difficult sites.