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A Smarter Way To Manage Water

Product Selection

The SmartDitch® System has a wide variety of specially-engineered fittings designed to broaden the range of use in water flow control applications such as drainage, erosion and sediment control, land development, irrigation, industrial site containment systems and temporary flow diversions. The HDPE corrugated channels with fittings provide the design flexibly needed for both large and small-scale projects.

Flared End Section

Step 1

A light-duty backhoe is all that is needed to dig the shallow trench in preparation for the SmartDitch® installation.

Step 2

SmartDitch® is light enough to be
hand-carried to the trench, and
allows for easy transport to areas where vehicle access is limited.

Step 3

SmartDitch® sections, manufactured
in 8’ – 10′ lengths, are ready for joining in the shallow trench or above the ground and set into place.

Step 4

The SmartDitch® anchoring system
installs quickly and secures the
system into the ground.


Broaden the Range of Use in Water Flow Control

Fittings are installed in-between any existing SmartDitches in order to change direction or fuse to lines together. The Following fittings are available for Trapezoidal and Semi-Circular Channels:

  • Flared-End Inlet/Outlet
  • Transitional Sections
  • Straight Bulkhead (available with or without openings for water dispersal)
  • Right/Left Bulkheads (available with or without openings for water dispersal)
  • Multi-Directional T’s
  • Directional Gates


The SmartDitch® system takes ‘versatility’ one step further with specially-engineered fittings such as multi-directional sections, gate valves, transitions, flared inlets/outlets and bulkheads (shown). All are designed to broaden the range of use and tie into existing drainage systems.

Our fitting system makes it the work for many more applications. The multiple sizes and fittings make designing for even the most complex situation cost effective and easy. Connecting multiple SmartDitch® systems together will provide a drainage system that will fit the terrain in the most efficient way.