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Flow Control

For Stormwater Runoff

Flow Control

Your Best Choice to Handle High Flow Rates

Damage caused by stormwater runoff and inadequately sized drainage ditches can be perpetual and costly. SmartDitch excellent flow capacity (up to 3-1 slopes) will protect your slopes, embankments and channels from eroding during heavy rain events and spring snow melts.

Flow Control

Controlling Rainwater Runoff

The versatility of SmartDitch makes it the best solution for many applications. The multiple sizes and fittings make designing for even the most complex situation cost effective and easy. In addition to traditional channel design, the SmartDitch system is often specified to form defined ditches to control erosion and catch loose sediment. SmartDitch is also used for both permanent and temporary applications, and in-ground, as well as above-ground, temporary flow diversions