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For Agricultural and Municipal Irrigation


SmartDitch's Efficient Design Ideal as Irrigation Channel Liners

In many parts of the western US, water is the life blood of the rural farmer. Earthen and concrete lined irrigation ditches simply do not do the job. Too much water is lost – either by ground irrigation seepage, cracks or through evaporation. With the SmartDitch System, leakage is practically eliminated and its ribbed design keep the water flowing faster. SmartDitch has been engineered to easily retrofit into existing concrete lined channels. With minimal preparation, you can replace earthen irrigation channels like the one shown below.

SmartDitch and MegaDitch Systems

For Irrigation Canal Repair and Construction

SmartDitch is a water tight solution for both new channel construction and channel rehabilitation in agricultural irrigation systems. The durable, UV resistant HDPE channel liner system is engineered to keep water in and help direct it to where it is needed most.

SmartDitch’s unique corrugated design helps regulate water flow from nominal to steep grades. Ease of installation is what sets this product apart from other ditch lining or ditch repair technologies. No special tools are required. Its light weight and flexible construction makes it easy to transport and install, even where access is difficult and uneven terrain exists.


Agriculture in many parts of the country depends on the availability of irrigation water and channels are typically used to transport water from the sources to end users. Over time these channels can deteriorate due to erosion, ground movement caused by freeze / thaw cycles, or corrosion of the building materials. SmartDitch provides a durable solution to these problems and can increase water distribution in irrigation systems by as much as 90 percent.SmartDitch’s hydraulic characteristics remain constant over time providing maximum flow of water over the life of the system. The product’s HDPE material withstands abrasive flows, corrosion, and even the most aggressive chemical attacks. SmartDitch also prevents unwanted vegetation growth and the corrugated wall design produces a self scouring action that minimizes silt build up in the flowline.SmartDitch liners are easily installed in new construction applications or as slip liners in failed concrete or earthen channels, greatly reducing long term maintenance costs. SmartDitch’s lightweight design makes it the perfect product to install in remote sites where accessibility is an issue.