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Improve Drainage and Eliminate Erosion at Your Landfill


Improve slope stability

Landfills present an interest problem for their operators. Stormwater runoff from the cap’s slope can cause sever erosion and destabilize the slopes.

SmartDitch, with its ease of installation and excellent flow properties eliminated those problems. Additionally, SmartDitch is removable and reusable so you can adjust your drainage channels as your landfill expands.


It's About Control

Landfills are constructed in the surface soils of the earth for the purpose of solid waste disposal. Currently landfills are the most economical and environmentally acceptable method for solid waste disposal. Controlling stormwater runoff at landfill sites is critical due to the production of leachate, a liquid created after water from rain or snow melt are mixed with the chemicals in the waste, that percolates and drains from the landfill.


One of the features that makes SmartDitch ideal for landfill restoration projects is its weight and ease of installation. SmartDitch is easily transported to the jobsite and can be handled with minimum equipment. Each SmartDitch section can be moved into place with one or two people, allowing for maneuverability in rugged or steep terrain. It is designed to utilize the surrounding soil for support and is easily installed with supplied anchoring system and assembly hardware.

SmartDitch is a leak-free channel lining system engineered to capture, re-direct and control stormwater runoff. Made from proven UV resistant HDPE, SmartDitch’s unique corrugated design helps manage the direction and regulate the flow of potentially contaminated water, so that the drainage route patterns you design are successfully maintained and pollutants are directed to the proper collection and treatment system.