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SmartDitch Maintenance Pack

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Maintenance Pack

The SmartDitch® Maintenance Pack is a proven, simple, and cost-effective solution to permanently repair or maintain problem drainage ditches or stormwater outfalls. Every Public Works & DOT maintenance yard should have SmartDitch® on hand to be able to quickly repair blown-out ditch sections. When designing drainage projects with difficult access, remote locations, or uneven terrain and sloped conditions, SmartDitch’s lightweight rugged construction allows for quick installation in the most difficult situations.

Standard Maintenance Pack


  • 7 – 12″ Trapezoidal SmartDitch Channel Sections
  • 7 – 24″ Trapezoidal SmartDitch Channel Sections
  • 1 – 12″ Flared End Section
  • 1 – 24″ Flared End Section
  • Installation Hardware Kit

Step 1

A light-duty backhoe is all that is needed to dig the shallow trench in preparation for the SmartDitch® installation.

Step 2

SmartDitch® is light enough to be hand-carried to the trench, and allows for easy transport to areas where vehicle access is limited.

Step 3

SmartDitch® sections, manufactured in 8’ – 10′ lengths, are ready for joining in the shallow trench or above the ground and set into place.

Step 4

The SmartDitch® anchoring system
installs quickly and secures the
system into the ground.


Ditch Repair Kit That Every Public Works & DOT Yard Should Have

The SmartDitch® Maintenance Pack is Perfect For:

  • Roadside drainage outfalls
  • Sectional repair of failed ditches
  • Rehabilitation of existing ditch section
  • Failed RipRap
  • Side Slope Erosion

Build your own SmartDitch Maintenance Pack. Call your SmartDitch representative for details and pricing


Finally a proven, simple, and cost-effective solution to permanently repair or maintain a problem drainage ditch or stormwater outfalls. With so many different scenarios that cause damage to roads and dangerous flooding, having a maintenance pack around can save time and money.