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Control Mine Run-Off with SmartDitch and MegaDitch


Surface Water Runoff Solution

SmartDitch and MegaDitch are the perfect solution to help address your mine run off issues. Equally effective for both active and abandoned mines, SmartDitch and MegaDitch’s non-corrosive HDPE construction will capture and redirect drainage from your acid, alkaline or metal mine.

Easy to transport and assembled, SmartDitch and MegaDitch can be installed in the most difficult areas of your mine.


Keep It Safe, Clean, and Environmentally Friendly

The SmartDitch System is your common sense water run off solution if your facility is involved with mining, manufacturing, fabrication, salvage, hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal. Using this system will keep the areas around your mine safe and up to environmental standards.

Protect the Environment and Manage Toxic Water Runoff

Stormwater run off from mining and industrial operations is a big threat to land and water quality in both urban and rural areas. Mining and industrial manufacturing activities produce toxic surface residues that can be found on rocks and sediment or on the paved storage yards of factories, warehouses, scrap yards and transportation hubs. These residues often carry pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides, sulfur and other chemicals. Left unmanaged, these residues can mix with stormwater and contaminants that can be harmful to community stormwater sewer systems as well as the land, local rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

The SmartDitch system is an HDPE channel/ditch lining system that is ideal for permanent and temporary “no contact” water diversions, mining drainage pathways, erosion/sediment control, and industrial site water run off and containment. Compared to traditional channel lining methods, it offers superb corrosion resistance, is long lasting, light weight, less costly and easy to install and maintain